Mensur Style Goggles

with nose guard $75.00
without nose guard $70.00

 The lenses of these goggles are  made from the same 18 ga. perforated stainless steel  as the masks. The "frames" are  constructed from  5 oz. vegetable tanned leather with a second piece stitched on the inside to act as lense retainer.  They are then lined with 1/2" nap sheep shearling for padding. The nose guard is made from 20 ga. stainless steel.

goggle view front and back

 They are available in most colors, contact me with your choice and I will let you know if it's possible.

Goggles without the nose guard

goggles with out nose guard

 While I cannot recommend that you use these for their historical purpose, we have found that they work well for dagger drllls (they don't fog up like plastic goggles) and for coaching. They also go well with steampunk garb and any time you want to look like a "Bug Eyed Monster"

mountain sheep shull with goggles