Standart Gorget: $110.00

Gorgets are constructed using 18 ga. stainless steel plate for the neck. The front and back skirting is a brigandine made with 20 ga. stainless steel fender washers riveted in a fish scale pattern. There is an additional 20 ga. stainless steel plate under the brigandine which covers the tracheal notch. An optional 20 ga. stainless steel plate which covers the cervical vertebrae is available for an additional $10.00

The leather used is 2-3 oz. chrome tanned leather. Standard colors are black, medium brown, dark brown, dark blue and dark green though other colors may be available (contact me for what I have on hand). Rivets on the gorget are available in gilt (gold tone), nickel (silver tone), antique brass, antique silver and gun metal (similar to fire blackened).

Standard sized are from 14” to 20” (neck circumference) in 1" increments and use a buckle on one side and a leather hinge on the other. Please specify which side you would like the buckle on. Custom sizes below 14" or above 20" are available for an additional $10.00.

A "one size fits most" model is also available. This has buckles on both sides of the collar and will adjust from 15" up to 20". This is the same gorget that is sold by Darkwood Armory.

There are other models in development at this time and information will be posted as I get the designs to my satisfaction.

Below are photos of several custom gorgets I've previously made.

Basic Black with nickle hardwear.

White with nickle hardwear.

Blue with gunmetal rivets and nickle buckles.

Dark green leather with antique nickel rivets.

a group of "one side fits most" gorgets.