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I will take orders for small, large, and "Order of Defense" gorgets as I do not normally keep these on hand. Standard gorgets will only be sold from the "In Stock" page. This page is normall updated every other Monday morning.

Standard Gorgets fits 15" - 20"

Standard gorget - dark brown with antique brass
Standard gorget - dark brown leather with antique brass harsware
1 in stock.

.Standard gorget - black with brass
Standard gorget - black leather with brass hardware
1 in stock

Standard gorget - black with nickel.
Standard gorget - balck leather with nickel hardware
2 in stock


Small Gorgets fits 12.5" - 15"

Small Gorget - Example only
Small Gorget
none in stock - example only

Large Gorgets fits 20" - 24"

Large gorget - example only
Large gorget
none in stock - example only


  none at this time


none at this time

Hardened Leather Mask Backs

none at this time